Winner of The Irish Theatre Award for Best Production

The Project Theatre Dublin Ireland

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Irene Fornes

Annie Ryan

Set Designer:
Kris Stone

Costume Designer:
Marie Tierney

Lighting Designer:
Jane Cox

Sound Designer:
Vincent Doherty





"big deal arithmetic"

Above photo by Paul McCarthy

"You have to go to the clinic"

"You’re not going to the clinic with an axe"

"swallow it"

Above photo by Paul McCarthy

"If Lloyd had money he would drink, He would be a drunk"

"I don’t think I’ll be wanted in such a world"

"Do you say grace before a meal, Henry?"

"What is Lloyd to you?"


"That’s the prescription for your medicine"

"Someone took money from my purse"

"And tell him I wish he’ll pay it back"

Above photo by Paul McCarthy

"There is a reason why it happened to him and not to me"

"Clean up the milk! "

"Mae, I still feel desire"

"She's not leaving, Henry"