Yale Repertory Theatre


Christoper Grabowski

Costume Designer:
Jenny Fulton

Lighting Designer:
Jennifer Tipton

Sound Designer:
Shane Rettig



The design of this production was based on the original composition of Shane Rettig's incredible score. It is my reaction to his baby piano/metal noises/water-like sounds and music.

The Technical Geniuses: Rob Duggan and Chuck Adromanis, helped me design an ever changing universe made up of 72 large umbrellas that tracked in and out silently and magically to create various locations. They also created a very soft floor, rigged with traps, trampolines, and slides. This helped the actors appear and disappear instantly.

All of this magic was contained in an enormous and lovely painting of a blue forest on the walls and a mirrored version on the floor. Ru Jung Wang and his collaborators created this painting brilliantly.